Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Now it's a SHOCK

I've been working on my migraine aura #2 painting for more than a week. I hope it's nearly done. The white edges are sharp and clean. The colours are pretty nice. There isn't onepstch that is subtle at this point. It is pure brash. There may be too much pink in the bottom left. It has become too much of a focal point. It either has to be reduced and darkened or spread upwards on the left and right. I think the windows on an angle have to go. They are the main distraction but without them it will be boring. So time to quit.  Or more pink windows on the bottom right and mid left. Now I see a computer keyboard - 2 computer keyboards. If the big one goes that would make room for big black exploding bit. That might work. Definitely worth trying more windows and only one keyboard.

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