Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Another stsrt

I quite liked the previous start but it got too tidy and turned into 2 weird Easter egglike shapes - so I'm  trying again. So far so good - but i have no idea where the turquoise should go. Maybe the outline of a third circle floating in the middle. I think I need to mute the white. It was needed to cover the black outlines of the 2 circles but is to strong.  Should the circles be circles, balls, discs or labyrinths. Maybe all 4. Maybe this is the BC election results with the greens bringing the other 2 together? What a hope! The overlap is the other big challenge - it  needs to be transparent both ways. The whole picture needs to transparent and ethereal and fundamentally asymmetric. This will be tricky given the circles are pretty tightly formed.

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