Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Now starting third

This looks better in the photo than in real life. It had got so dark. Im not into dark right now. Why is it in the series - colours and circles. It is a challenge to make good circles but make look sort of abstract impressionistic. They are either really good circles or really bad circles. I seem to be committed to good ones.

Second one done

Here is how the second one turned out.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Next psinting in series

This is a substantially bigger canvas - 36x48. I quickly washed on the three basic colours I used in my previous psinting.  I did some drips and scraped hoping for 3 circles. They are there but I don't like the design
I want to make sure the focal point is obvious but the whole picture is interesting. There will like be one large dominant circle, a couple of other circles and random curves emerging. I think the turquoise will be more organic.

Beginning of a series

I think I have started a series. Dennis talked about this at the last class. If you come up with something you really like, take the opportunity to explore it and carry it further by using the same theme but doing a series of variations. Here is the beginning piece. I was helped out by Jim who suggested that an earlier version lacked a focal point. I started over and made a single circle my focus.  I scraped  few patterns and introduced a movement from dark red on the left to pink and yellow on the right with orange in between. Then worked away to find patterns in the drips and scraped and finally added yellow dashes and touches of interwoven turquoise. I like it a lot.