Friday, February 17, 2017

Great class with Dennis

Today I went to another class with Dennis Brown. It was on "edges " There are many kinds of edges including the edge of the canvas, drip downs, places where colours blur into each other and intentionally painted lines, curves etc. Some lines go around things. Some just wander off. Sometimes the viewer's eye catches a line and follows it around the painting Other times the viewer moves on to the next picture without becoming engaged. Therefore you need a focal point where the eye and brain latch on to something- then explore the rest of the picture and come back to experience the focal point again.  There can be many focal points.
Dennis' process is 1. Calm yourself 2. Choose your palette 3. Paint in blocks of colour 4 Join things into a whole 5.  Create a focal point.
My first painting has great colours but lacks focal points. My second painting uses the same palette and is an abstraction- not abstract.  It is a Picasso like picture based on my selfie. Very crazy, not quite done, could be ruined by over working it. Fun! Dennis gave me permission to do it. So did Barry - whose family have been teaching art for 7 generations.

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