Saturday, January 14, 2017

Pacific Voyage completed

I just completed a painting which fits into my "Climate Change - Drought" series.  Here it is. It is very red - including cadmium red and quinacridone red - to give a rosy hue.  The blue is ultramarine and the yellow is cadmium yellow. The green parts emerge where the yellow and blue have mixed with each other. so that's waht it's made from - 4 colours and no white.

I started this painting in the fall (2016) in an art class with Dennis Brown. My main challenge was that it started out having 2 very different styles - the left side was complex and detailed - the right side was formless and vague.

I removed some details that I liked - but that were inconsistent - like this:

And this:

So now I am calling it done. I have put a QR code on the bottom right hand corner and it is now on my website.  It is 30"x40" and is ready to hang (black edges and d-rings).

Here it is again:

Oh yes, it does have a message. I started my Drought series in the summer of 2015 when Vancouver Island had had no rain for weeks and weeks. The sunny days were lovely but there were many forest fires. The air was grey with smoke. Normally our summers are fairly dry - but there are always a few wet days to keep the forest damp. During the summer of 2015, it felt as if the climate was changing much faster than anyone had thought.

The summer of 2016 was not so dry. The pressure was off - but the climate has not stopped changing. It is time for the big transition to new forms of energy which do not produce carbon dioxide. I honestly have not had much success doing this in my private life - but at least I paint about it.

Another result of climate change on Vancouver Island is the arctic outflow weather we have been experiencing this winter. It has been unbelievable cold - with long-lasting  snow and ice. When the snow first fell in December, we had not had now in Nanaimo for 1000 days. You might think this excessive cold is  a sign that global warming is not happening - but unfortunately these bursts of cold air are actually a result of the warming of the arctic.

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