Saturday, December 10, 2016

Multiverse or happy sinuses?

Although it may not show in the image on the previous post- I have done a lot detailed cleanup on this painting. The left and middle panels are now done in the same style. The white edges bled onto the scenes but the outside edges are sharp.  The drip downs are multicoloured.  The slash downs in the large spheres are more muted. I made one of the pinkish spheres in the left panel turquoise.  I think this helps it fit with the centre panel but also looks good on its own.  In fact the turquoise becomes the dominant sphere in the left panel. Confusion sets in when you then look at the centre panel which has more turquoise spheres but the blue sphere is dominant. So on to the original right panel. I'll try to make a yellow share be the eye catcher.  This will be tricky and I doubt if anyone will actually get this puzzle. Oh yes I think I will need to add a turquoise sphere to that panel.

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