Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Fireworks Finished

Here are the three panels of my triptych. I ended up calling it "Fireworks" - mainly because I just watched "Lord of the Rings" and Gandalf's fireworks reminded me of my paintings. Of course being abstract paintings they could remind viewers of anything - including sinuses or multiverses - but nowadays I like Fireworks better.

Before i finished, I took a real risk and added, not just plastic jewels, but also glitter glue, to make the painting sparkle. It doesn't sound very professional but it really worked and added a whole new feeling. Maybe that's why I called it Fireworks in the end. 

I gave these three large (3"x3') paintings to my daughter and they are hanging on a beautiful large reddish wall on the second floor of her house in Sechelt. You can see them when you walk in the front door.

They look fabulous!  Thrilling!

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