Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Fireworks Finished

Here are the three panels of my triptych. I ended up calling it "Fireworks" - mainly because I just watched "Lord of the Rings" and Gandalf's fireworks reminded me of my paintings. Of course being abstract paintings they could remind viewers of anything - including sinuses or multiverses - but nowadays I like Fireworks better.

Before i finished, I took a real risk and added, not just plastic jewels, but also glitter glue, to make the painting sparkle. It doesn't sound very professional but it really worked and added a whole new feeling. Maybe that's why I called it Fireworks in the end. 

I gave these three large (3"x3') paintings to my daughter and they are hanging on a beautiful large reddish wall on the second floor of her house in Sechelt. You can see them when you walk in the front door.

They look fabulous!  Thrilling!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Why sinuses?

Forgot to mention in previous post why I was thinking of happy sinuses.  It's because the painting is for my daughter and what she really wants is happy sinuses. Her sinuses are not happy right now.  She's had problems - bad problems - for many years. Hopefully the high tech, cutting edge, expensive blue light therapy and newly designed probiotic will fix her sinuses and the painting will tell a happy story .

Multiverse or happy sinuses?

Although it may not show in the image on the previous post- I have done a lot detailed cleanup on this painting. The left and middle panels are now done in the same style. The white edges bled onto the scenes but the outside edges are sharp.  The drip downs are multicoloured.  The slash downs in the large spheres are more muted. I made one of the pinkish spheres in the left panel turquoise.  I think this helps it fit with the centre panel but also looks good on its own.  In fact the turquoise becomes the dominant sphere in the left panel. Confusion sets in when you then look at the centre panel which has more turquoise spheres but the blue sphere is dominant. So on to the original right panel. I'll try to make a yellow share be the eye catcher.  This will be tricky and I doubt if anyone will actually get this puzzle. Oh yes I think I will need to add a turquoise sphere to that panel.

Thursday, December 1, 2016


I think I will call it multiverse.

Yellow expanding

I put some yellow beams through the side of the large orange sphere in the central panel. I can see that it is taking over. I think the solution will be more yellow in upper left top background to kind of melt into the yellow beams. Or maybe just some yellow dashes on both panels. That would tie them together better. Anther puzzle to work on is the width of the white edges of the spheres and how much to lighten the color so  it blends into the white. Right now I think more blending and a narrow rim of white with drip down being multicoloured
. This is the fun part - most of the work is done and now it is fine tuning. It'd a challenge on such a big painting.