Sunday, October 30, 2016


I see a weird connection between numbers and colours.  I have read that this is called "synesthesia"

It's not that I see the numerals as being coloured. Its that the numerals are also colours. One - white, two - pale red, three - light green, four - soft blue, five - dark blue, six - dark green, seven - light yellow, eight - bright yellow, nine - dark green. After that, the numbers are are just combinations. Zero is black so ten is whitish black, eleven is double-white, twelve is whitish red, thirteen is whitish green. It's kind of hard to explain. The street number for my house is white with blue and black and a bit more white (1401). My parents house in Vancouver was similar but there was was also bright yellow (1408).  I seldom think much about this and have never met anyone who told me they see what I see.

This week one of my grandsons was officially diagnosed with moderate dyslexia. Reading is hard for him right now and writing is even harder. However he is very smart. He can tell long and complicated stories and can assemble a complicated robot in the time I would spend trying to understand the directions. It turns out that there is a connection between synesthesia and dyslexia. Same part of the brain or something.

Kandinsky had synesthesia. Einstein and Michelangelo had dyslexia. "Is that cool or what?" as our astronomy professor from the Teaching Company would say. 

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