Monday, October 31, 2016

More synesthesia

Apparently about 1-3% of the population have synesthesia- so it's relatively rare. Also, as mentioned previously, it is related to dyslexia which is genetic. Yesterday I found the first adult I know who also sees numbers as colours. Who? My sister! This is very weird but also very interesting - it seems obvious that there is a genetic connection.

I will ask my older grandsons if they see colours with numbers or if they were just being over enthusiastic when I asked them years ago. They both inherited colour blindness from my dad (through me) but that doesn't mean they don't see any colours. They just can't distinguish between red and green - but they do see yellow and blue and some other colour that none of the rest of us see instead of red and green. They are both excellent artists but do all their work in black and white.

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