Tuesday, August 30, 2016

More Checkerboards

This is a painting I was working on before we went on our 10 day RV trip.I am not sure what to do next.It is helpful to look at a photo of it to get new ideas. What I am seeing in this photos is that there are too many white "zebra" stripes. They were actually supposed to be abstract foxgloves - depicting the struggle for order (checkerboards) in chaos in a garden. They are not bad on the left side - maybe even to the claw  is sort of OK. I think I will paint white over the whole main one so that I can then paint it pthalo green again and do some texturizing, The yellow post-its are a perfect colour. Somehow I have to make them work. Collage? Post-its as a collage might be a little edgy.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

What Eve Saw

Mike and Lexy - now with some abstract touches including checkerboarding and stronger drips. I think this is my best painting to date. I might change the name to "What Eve Saw" to indicate that Mike's hand is a bit like God touching Adam and the red leash is a bit like the serpent. Got these ideas at the optomitrist. Why not!

Gardeners Dilemma

I have started a new abstract which I am calling  Gardner's Dilemma. I started it when Henry and Charlie were here. So much green paint got squeezed out that I knew they could not use it all - so - although I hadn't intended to paint I slopped it on a waiting canvas and did a little scraping. I then added some blue and red.The yellow is actually oil pastels.

 I worked on it yesterday - adding some strange zebra like strips, changing the colour of the checkerboard, adding a blue square.

Today I had an idea. I thought it was depicting the conflict between the organic maybe chaotic green and blue bits and the imposed checkerboards. For some reason the red checkerboard reminded me of a red rose bush I had planted that was suddenly in bloom. The zebra bits reminded me first of flox and then of foxgloves. Foxgloves - those lovely self-sewn plants that enliven the garden but eventually have to be puled out. I had a theme. It is the gardener's dilemma of whether or not to allow all the wild growth that goes on in the garde n- at least in my wild garden.

To me a garden is imposed order on nature. I hope this picture ends up depicting the conflict between wild nature and imposed order. . Next step is to add some lovely yellowish green chaos on the left side and reduce the stripey look (or maybe not.) I tried to blog this on my phone but the photos would not download and the whole thing would not publish.