Thursday, June 16, 2016

Time for a portrait

Awhile ago I decided that I would really improve my painting if I alternated between doing abstracts and doing portraits. Now I have finally started a portrait of Mike and Lexy. Here is my inspiration:

The difficulties with this photo are many. First - there is only part of Lexy showing. I had to cobble together some other photos to get her whole body. Then, because she is foreshortened, curved toward Mike, and extremely fluffy, she tends to look like a fat little pig in my drawings. Second - one of the most appealing features of the photo is the RV mat - especially the flag. I love it but I don't want it in te painting - at least that is how I feel right now. Third - Mike's head looks a bit too long. This is partly because his head is on the long side but mainly because of the angle.  I took this photos from inside our trailer - so up about 15 inches and looking down on the two of them.

The things I like about the photo are the longness of Mike's figure and the triangle it makes with Lexy. I particularly like the boots and the book. Best of all is the story of a person intently reading while, at the same time, patting his dog and making his dog so strangely contented. I have made the initial sketch and will put it up next time - it is on my phone.

The real challenge will be to incorporate my new knowledge from abstracts into a large complicated portrait. Colours - green, dark brown, beige, gold and maybe a drop of red somewhere.

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