Thursday, June 9, 2016

Abstract Aura

I have been working on this painting on and off for a few weeks and finally think I am finished. Here is how it unfolded:

 I started with a background - just washes and drips. 

Then I tried out a zigsag and a circle, For me, a migraine aura is always circle that suddenly appears - with a bright zinging zigzag around the outside - on the left side. I can see through it - but things are a bit distorted.

My first attempt was two zigzag circles. I think it was pretty cool. I had another aura a couple of weeks ago and it was crisscrossed with zigsags - so actually quite a bit like this stage of the painting. . I might start another painting and stick with this layout. I would need another matching sized canvas.
 I eliminated the outside circle - though you can still see remnants of it. I cleaned up the checkerboard inside the circle and and made it a key feature. I think my auras do have checkerboards - like Kandinsky's abstracts. This makes me wonder if Kandinsky had migraines. They are very common - one out of 10 people have them - though a much smaller percentage see auras and women are much more likely to have them than men..

Here is the finished painting.  I decided to flip it although the zigzag is always at the top. Artistic license right! The outside of the circle seemed like dead space - not good in an abstract. I added some strategically placed pink "jewels." I hope it doesn't look too much like a globe or a planet now. My auras are more like a round pane of glass - never a ball.

I think the final outcome is uncertain. At least I hope so. The pink jewels are actually reflections of magenta  mixed with pthalo blue inside  the circle- but it has become quite a dark and muddy colour. I really love this painting now. I stuck my QR above my signature and it does work.

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