Sunday, May 22, 2016


Beginning to make a sort of triptec.  Dont know how it will turn out. Started with magenta  and a touch of yellow. Tried using rubbing alcohol to make random circles. Each canvas is 36x36 so it will be pretty big

Aura almost done

Worked on my aura painting at Dennis Brown's class. I think it is nearly done. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Migraine aura

Today I'm trying to paint an abstract inspired by a migraine aura I experienced about a month ago. I started with a 30 x 36 panel and gave it a quick wash with drops in pthalo blue and pthalo grenn. I painted in the half circle zig zag of the aura in white. Of course it looked terrible. I started breaking it up with yellow and greenish yellow. Still a problem. Could have gone more blocky - big safe blocks. Maybe next time.  Tried a scraper and lots of water drips. It's no longer impossible. I will do some whitish blocks coming from top right to bottom left to balance the zig zag crescent. Will mostly eliminate the spider bits I created with the scraper. Maybe make the aura floating front of the background. That's it for today. It's more important that it's an interesting painting than a representation of an aura.