Thursday, April 14, 2016

Troubling Waters

I stuck QRs on both my Troubling Waters collages and the QRs work.  If you have a QR app on your smart phone - they're free - just focus on the QR above the signature on the painting. Click "Open now." Choose your browser. Go to  Top Sites and choose To get to the information on "one use plastic water bottles," go to the Abstracts page and click on the title of the water bottle paintings. They are linked to these websites:

It's a bit to complicated to get to the bottled water information but easy to get to my website.

I had thought about calling the collages Troubled Waters but decided it was too close to the song and to the name of a movie made about water problems in Nanaimo. After seeing what good work the Council of Canadians are doing - I decided to join. One thing always leads to another.

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