Friday, April 8, 2016

The water bottle people

This painting is now a collage with a story. It's hard to see on a phone so let me explain. First you probably still see the London underground map. But  look again - there are water bottles - 7 of them. Now i'm sure you can't see the people on the label . There are 3 - a tall blue person on the right. A not quite so tall green person on the left. A short yellow person in the middle. They all have their arms raised presumably for the joy of drink fresh clean water in a plastic bottle. You can see them in some of dark pink  rectangles - half way down on the far right and at the bottom in the middle. At first glance they look pretty joyful but now look to left. There's only the tall blue person at the top. My goodness! The green and yellow people are down below - having either dived or fallen into the depths.  Maybe the other groups - in their stragely pixilated forms - are actually waving for help.

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