Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Abstracts

 I decided to make a change to the abstract painting I started with Dennis Brown - which I wrote about in an earlier post. I had wanted this painting to be about the drought in the gulf islands this summer and hope that still works.. I thought the blue panel on the right side of the first version was odd - really unsettling - and I didn't like the 'waterfall" that had appeared to the right of the red jelly fish -  so I made both bits yellow-orange and put in a swirly dark bit which balances the left side. The painting looks pretty organized now - still abstract of course - but not blurred and free like Dennis' paintings. It sort of makes me think of the ferry terminal or Luke's planet in the first Star Wars movie. I made some interesting scratches on parts of it but you can't see them in this photo. On Thursday I have my next class with Dennis and will take it along for new ideas.

This is the picture I "mined" from my first painting. I wanted it to be about dreams of rain. It was very fun to paint because I  was painting on top on one of my gessoed-out painting and when I scraped what now seems to be the sky I got some really interesting marks. They don't really show in this photo. I also left the drips this time and rubbed some of the wet red paint off so that the yellow shows through. Elspeth says she likes it so I'm leaving it for now and taking it to my class on Thursday.

The strange thing about these two paintings is that when I set up the camp beds in my studio for the our weekend visitors - the colours of the duvets totally coordinated with these two paintings. It was quite splendid.  I think my next abstract is going to feature dark green with bright golden yellow - like the maples and firs in Cathedral Grove on the way to Tofino. . I might try it tonight. I might mine something out of "Young Pines Long Gone."

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