Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Quiller colours

Jim also introduced me to Stephen Quiller's color wheel. Quiller is a painter and teacher who lives in Colorado. The colours he uses are all beautiful and bright and his paintings are all really lovely. I think his colours are very suitable for the Gulf Islands in the summer - particulalry this very hot, dry endlessly blue summer.

I decided to use Quillers colours to do another very small painting of Merriweather and Skol in Oyster Cove. I first made the quiller color wheel based on a DVD Jim loaned me.  Each of the colours is paired opposite its complementary colour and if you blend them together you get the same shade of grey. The wheel doesn't show what you get when you mix colours beside each other together - but probably a colour in between.

I don't have his violet but didn't want to use violet anyway as it had ruined my previous painting. I decided to use pthallo blue and pthallo turquois for the sky, ultramarine for the hills and dark section of the water, pthallo green for the trees on the islands, and cadmium yellow for the log boom. I  used touches of payne's grey and no red at all.

I thought I would do the mast and jibs first but ended up with the boats the wrong size and in the wrong place. So I redid my drawing starting with the hulls and going up into the masts, etc. I used the rule of thirds for placement of the boats - it does make a pleasing composition. As I painted I began to realize that the sky was too intensely blue - a lovely colour but overwhelming. I  now think that on a sunny day the sky is always lighter in shade than the water - even if the water is sparkling or white-capped. So I added a lot more white to the sky. Boats are always tricky because they have to be correctly drawn - but I have done enough of them to know what to watch for. Besides the mast and jibs, the reflection of the water on the hulls and the reflection of the hulls in the water need to be done right. Here is my tiny 8x10 picture using the limited Quiller colours - no reds at all. Very serene.

Now it is time to get on with something much bigger. Maybe the winter tobogan painting I started way back in January. Maybe a portrait of Charlie on Instagram in his carpentry outfit. It will be tricky because it is looking down on him and I need the original photo from Josie - since Instagram doesn't give much information.

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