Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Painting "en plein air" - boating style

Jim got me painting again.

Mike and I spent 3 nights anchored with Jim and Pat in Oyster Cove across from Ladysmith. Jim had brought several little 8x10 canvasses and some paints which he shared with me. For 3 afternoons we sat in the cockpit of either Merriweather or Skol and painted what we saw around us. Afterwards we had an art show and looked at what we had done. It was so much fun and such a great learning experience.

Here is the first one - a painting of trees, shore and water. I used a quite large brush but it has lots of light and movement. I was pretty happy with it and glad to be back painting.

Here is the third one - painted with a tiny brush but still in an impressionist style. It is the floats at Ladysmith - behind the white propane tank breakwater. I only used 3 colours plus white - a turquoise, a yellow and alizerin crimson. The sky turned out to be the best part. The log boom looked fairly recognizable.

What happened to the second one? Well I decided to fix it when I got home - by adding the 2 boats from a photo Mike had taken. It turned out way to purple and the log boom is puzzling but I kind of liked the boats.

When we got home, Mike and I went out and bought 40 little canvases for future attempts.

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