Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Hard to believe - but the only painting I did between January and May was to redo my pictures of Henry and my arbutus on Wallace Island and to work on banners in April.

Why? Partly because I got sick again. I didn't realize it - but I was gradually going down down down. It started with deafness and post nasal drip and ended up with me on a big burst of predniszone at the end of May plus a warning not to let it get out of hand again. Same old thing - I adapted and thought what I was experiencing was normal.

Here are the banners:
They are Rob and Josie surfing - though Rob looks a bit like Curious George.  This picture was at taken the windup dinner. The banners are hanging outside the back entrance of the Dorchest4er Best Western quite near the Bastion.

Here's my beautiful arbutus - final version - in the Port Theatre in 2015.


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