Friday, January 23, 2015

Portrait of Rob

I stopped doing my tobogganing painting - trees are hard and the painting is large. I started a new portrait on Jan 19 and finished it - I'm pretty sure it's finished - today, Jan 23. It is of Rob - from a great photo taken of him a couple of years ago.

Here is the pencil drawing. I did it by dividing the photos and canvas into squares - to help get the proportions accurate. As you can see, the nose is way to short. It looks more like Pete than Rob.

 The end of the first day of painting. Definitely has a Rob-like look . The neck is scarey.

 I wanted to have a meaningful background so tried to put in a exterior of the the Fort McMurray Airport from the McFarlane Green website. It didn't seem to be working. I didn't know what to do about the grass on each side (because I don't think there ended up being any grass) and I was pretty sure the red walls were actually natural wood.

I changed the background to the interior of the airport near one of the gates - looking out at the prairie through big windows. I also adapted this image from the McFarlane Green website. I think it makes a much better background. Pretty geometric. I softened the shadows and highlights on the face a bit. The photo is a little paler than the real thing because of the lighting. I think it really looks like Rob. I hope he likes it.

So this portrait took less than half as long to do as the one of Henry. Both atr fonr on 20x24 inch panels but Rob is just head and shoulders while Henry is the top half of his body. The paint is not thick as the first portrai because I had a  more accurate drawing to work from. The skin colours are more yellowish. Henry is more pink.

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