Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December - I'm Back

I haven't written anything since June! What a long time! Well, the truth is that I didn't do any painting between June and November. I simply couldn't face trying to paint with acrylics. They dry so fast. I didn't know how to get started. But now I'm painting again.

What got me going? A good friend, Jim, took up painting seriously this year. He is very good. Suddenly he started turning out paintings and more paintings. It was exciting.

Eventually, inspired and encouraged by Jim and all the fun he was having, I  decided I should start using my acrylics the same way I used to use oils. The only difference would be that, instead of using the deadly turpentine, I would just use water.  Mike kept encouraging me and one day I just got started. Bit by bit I began to get confidence.

I continued to work on yellow irises I had started in the spring and I now have finished 3 different yellow flag paintings.

I got more ambitious and tried painting a photos of the view from the road coming down from Mount Washington - with both sunset and moonrise. I liked it.

I decided to be even more daring. I took a big 2013 oil painting sketch and painted over it with acrylics. I had no problems with the paint adhering because the underlying sketch was so thinly painted. I made it very bright and I outlined it in black in the the spirit of Norval Morriseau. I liked it too.

I put these paintings on my website <> and  made them into notecards. Here they are:

Yippee! I'm painting again!