Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 2 yellow flags

I am not very comfortable painting vegetation which is making me wonder why I am trying to paint these yellow flags. I want them to look impressionistic but not to abstract. this would suggest that I need to not only show each blossom but also many of the leaves and the stalks from which the blossoms emerge inside furled leaves. However I do not want to show all the leaves precisely - but also don't want a muddy mush.

What I have done today is paint in the dark background above, I first outlined the flowers in blue and then red - eventually I only want the slightest bit of red to show around the yellow flowers. I had been painting the leaves yellow-blue-green and nothing showed up - so I switched to teal which is a sort of cerulean. Of course it is much too blue but might be a good base paint into which to add light yellow and white for the edges of the leaves - but what colour to do the darker part of the leaves. I will have to experiment and look at some paintings. right now I hate this painting but that is par for the course. i had a vision and I seem far from achieving it right now. Fortunately, the photos always look better than the actual picture - not nearly so muddy - so I have a bit of hope.

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