Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27 - banners up and painting

It took me two weeks to paint my banners and it was exhausting - mainly because I was still recovering from my sinus surgery - but fun. I love the banner festival because it makes me commit to painting and getting it done in a reasonable time period.The banners went up on the May Long Weekend. Here are "double Helix" and "Double Helix Unzipping" hanging on Front Street, Nanaimo.
I think they are great! I thought lots of other people would double helixes - but no-one else did.

Today I worked on a new painting of yellow flag irises. They are gorgeous at this time of year - but I just discovered they are also considered an invasive species - like yellow broom and yellow dandelions. Too bad! Somewhere they must be native and loved plants.

This is the photo i am using for inspiration. I took it at Cottle Lake in Linley Valley a couple of days ago.
Here is my underpainting - done with acrylics. I actually took a lot of care drawing it. Then I painted the flowers yellow over my drawing. But when I started to fill in the dark background I realized that the flowers were too low in the painting. The whole balance of the picture was not pleasing. So - I did what Penny Maday had told me. I whited out the dark area with patches of white where the blossoms should have been. Then I whited out the yellow flowers and sloshed on some yellow-blue paint to get the greenish eeffect. I think this mistake may have been a happy accident because - at this point anyway - the painting looks pretty loose and fresh. If I had carried on it would have been pretty tight. I will have another go at it tomorrow. I like it that the blossoms are larger than the ones in the photo.

Re my health. It is now 75 days since I took prednisone and my breathing is still excellent. My peak flow is always in the yellow in the morning and the green throughout the day.  It has not gone into the orange (let alone the red) since my surgery. Another great thing is that I am now a patient at the Serious Asthma Clinic in Vancouver and will have a new program in a few weeks. It appears that my previous treatment was for childhood asthma (which is allergy related) not for adult-onset asthma (which results from a different kind of sensitivity). Hopefully my new program will keep me in the green indefinitely - with NO MORE PREDNISONE. Yippee!

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