Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 16 -new banners

My goodness, it is a month since I wrote my blog. Where did the time go? I guess it was mainly that 2 weeks ago I had sinus surgery to try to improve my asthma. It was a major clean out of all my sinuses and I am still a bit knocked out by it.

Nonetheless I have now designed two banners for the Nanaimo Festival of Banners. The theme is Evolve. I decided to do pictures of chromosomes. I looked at a lot of images on the internet of double helixes and came up with the following:

 This one is called "Double Helix." It shows a pair of chromosome twisting away into the distance.

This one is called "Double Helix Unzippping." It shows the same chromosome reproducing by splitting apart like a broken zipper. Daughter partners have been created and the chromosome is becoming two two chromosomes

Both these drawings are 4" x 8" and will be the design for two large banners. I need to do quite a bit more study to make sure I understand what is happening in these pictures and have the terminology correct - so if anyone asks me I will know the science behind the art. Then, when I 'm OK, I will take the drawings to the Brenda at the Banner Festival and book some time to paint them.