Saturday, February 1, 2014


I'm trying to paint with acrylics. I know they a wonderful and have tons of potential - but they don't work at all like oils. However, oils are out due to the irritation caused by the turps - so I have to get the hang of this. The most strange part is that in the few minutes it has taken to photo my picture and get going on this blog the painting is dry enough to work on again.

Health note: I am back on a 10 day prednisone burst - so my breathing is so much better than last week and the phlegm has ended for a while. It looks like I might be on this 2-3 month prednisone cycle for a while. However, I have a new antibiotic which might get to the root of the problem, On Monday I get tubes in my ears - that should help me to hear better even if my allergies get out of hand again. Being sick sucks! You have to think of every day being a bonus day!

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