Friday, January 17, 2014

Back to my Arbutus

I haven't done much painting for a while - because - guess what? I am sick again. Being sick is such a drag. This time I seemed to be doing OK after my December prednisone - only to catch a cold on Boxing Day - a really nasty one. Mike got it too and we struggled on but we both felt miserable. My asthma exacerbated again and my peak flow dropped. My eardrums both ruptured and i am once again temporarily deaf. However, three different puffers are keeping me out of the predni"zone" - and I am taking antibiotics for my recently discovered chest bacteria. So - I did some painting today. Back to my arbutus. Here it is.
The colours seem pretty garish but I think it is the lighting. My art room is wonderful but the light is not too good in the winter since the window faces north towards the hill which is our back garden. Once it gets dark - I can't really see what I am doing in the golden artificial light. If it is clear tomorrow I will get a better idea of how this painting actually looks.

A couple of things I need to do are put more of an arch into the main trunk where it divides, put some shadows into the trees on the far shore, darken and lighten the branches to show sun coming from the right side and  put in a few sets of leaves where I have now made some of  the narrower branches look sort of red - and hence alive.

I guess I have face it that the turps are irritating my bronchial passages and making me cough. I was fine until I cleaned my brushes.  Heck!

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