Sunday, November 10, 2013

Cottle Lake

I am working on another painting now. It is of Cottle Lake - a small lake in Linley Valley in Nanaimo. I am carrying on with my yellow sky theme and am putting in a suggestion of an arbutus - even though arbutus trees don't grow on the shore of the lake - only on the rock bluffs above the lake.

Here is a photo of a photo of Cottle Lake taken a couple years ago. It is a lovely sunny early spring day - no leaves on the alders yet. We used to walk up to Cottle Lake all the time. However, the lake is now part of a city park and dogs have to be on leash so there doesn't seem to be much of a reason to go there anymore.
Here is an unusual painting by Emily Carr. She calls it "Happiness." I think it is a pine tree against the golden light of ...what? Sunrise? Sunset? Summer sun? Whatever it is, I love the golden colour. Also the brush strokes and the tree trunk with its branches. I am  planning to use this colour scheme in my Cottle Lake picture. It's very helpful to know what colours I can use to paint the the trees and reflections while keeping the yellow and ochre sky. The pale turquoise is very appealing.

I have finally finished taking my biaxin prescription for my sinus infection and deafness. It gave me a stomach ache plus nausea and even dizziness and did not improve my asthma - but I'm not deaf anymore thank goodness.

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