Sunday, October 27, 2013


I painted today too. Mike went diving.

Here is my arbutus on Wallace Island painting with a new colour for the sky - yellow. Why so yellow? I was watching a Great Course on the Impressionists. The instructor mentioned that, when Monet painted a very orange sky with a tomato red sun, a discriminating critic commented that at last the impressionists had got over their passion for blue and were painting things their real colours..

I have been using an awful lot of blue paint since I started painting again in 2010. Surely I've learned something.  The sky in my inspirational photo is not yellow - more sort of pink - but I think yellow has potential. I hope it will give the sense of what a very bright summer day it was.

Website Updated

Just a quick blog-note to say that I have updated the painting part of the website.

It got really mixed up because  I have worked on several of my paintings after I put them on the website and even after I made note cards with them. Version control! It doesn't just happen at work!

Here are the two main culprits:

Anyway I think everything is up to date now and I am promising myself not to put anything up on the website or make any cards until I am sure a painting is done. AND - I won't revise a painting after I have made a card of it.

Now I'm going to update my note cards. A friend actually said he would like to buy some some! This is so exciting! His interest is what motivated me to sort this all out. Maybe I'll start showing paintings in the NAC show cases again and even try selling postcards at the NAC Gallery. A lot of hardworking members are very disenchanted with the Board - but maybe that doesn't really matter.

I currently have only one painting on display. It is "Jessica" and it is at the Nanaimo Harbourfront Theatre. I was hoping to have a look at it  when we went to the symphony last night. We sere sitting in the second row and enjoying the music when - darn it - I had a big coughing fit (sinusitis). I couldn't stop coughing. Mike and I  ran out of the theatre - phlegm flying. My throat stayed tickley despite a lot of coughing in the bathroom so I didn't go back in. After the intermission, Mike got our coats and we came home and watched "A Touch of Frost." I really have to get something done about this darn sinusitis. I am pretty deaf (otitis media) too - but I could hear the music even though I can hardly hear people's voices. This turned out longer than I thought....

Friday, October 18, 2013

Arbutus Painting

Here is my arbutus painting. I started it last year and did nothing to it for months. Now my asthma is stabilized I'm doing a bit everyday- improving the design and working on the colour - but not worrying about both things at once. Next thing - I need to do something to the rocks at the bottom left - so it stops feeling as if this very sturdy but half-dead  tree is about to fall into the water. I have worked on the grass but it needs redoing - once the paint has dried enough.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


It's odd but it's finished. "Young Pines Long gone!" Thanks Miss Carr!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Young pines long gone

So this is what the fuss was all about - a very strange painting but totally consistent with what I have been doing over the past couple of years. It is inspired by Emily Carr's "Young Pines" but not much like it. It kind of shows the connection between the trees and the rest of the universe.

I painted it without using solvents (only linseed oil) and thought I felt fine. Now I have a sore throat and chest. Is it an allergy? Is the painting any good? I like the idea and I think the top right hand part is very cool. I'll see how I feel tomorrow.