Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nanaimo Boat Basin - May 2012

I think I have finished this painting, started last year, of the Nanaimo Boat Basin .

At first I thought this painting would be of Nanaimo's Port Theatre - and the theatre is there. However, the boats have now become the real focus - with the theatre in the middle background and Mount Benson clearly in the distance - bringing it all together. 

Last week I changed some of the colours  from a lot of pink and orange to a more blue-pink-grey look. I think it works much better because even on the brightest spring day, Nanaimo never really looks orange. After all - iti was the pink of the cherry blossoms against the green of the theatre windows which first attracted me - and there they are - picked up by the pink bumpers on the old trollers and reflections in the water. Quite nicely composed I think. A bit effervescent - on purpose.

Political statement - I am calling it May 2012 because the Boat Basin is going to be completely rebuilt by a private company and I don't suppose it will look this way next spring.

Artistic license - I added 2 cherry trees and simplified the parkade, etc. to right of the theatre. Also - kayak is totally fabricated - but I think it works.

I am hoping to have a consultation with my mentor and then put this painting in the Port Theatre on April 16.

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