Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dee-licious too

Boyed up by my success with "Dee-licious" I went home and drew the design for "Dee-licious too." The idea and the title, thought up by Brenda, was clever - a tulip pot with one large tulip blossom and a bunch of stalks. But looking back, I realize I didn't think carefully enough about the background. I just thought I would do a sort of soft glow around the tulip blossom.

Big mistake! House paints don't actually work that way. You can't get from orange to purples in a nice smooth way. Here is "Dee-licious too"  through the window, after one day of painting. I took a photo so that I could work on it at home to improve the design.

Here is the new design. The halo around the blossom is replaced with the same turquoise, blue and purple  that is on the first banner.(BTW, I did this by using "Paint" software to touch up my photo.)

Big mistake! When I started to make the changes on the actual banner, Brenda told me that I could not add that much paint. Too much paint and the banner might crack.  Darn it! A horrid design or a cracked banner?

Here is St Tulip, the "martyr en la jardin" at the end of day 3.Darn halo!

Here it is today - the end of day 4. I still do not like the halo. If only I had made the background either blueish or yellowish. Either colour would have worked - but not both. .

Tomorrow will be my last painting day. All I have left to do is outline the blossom, paint the bottom part black (where the Nanaimo Art Gallery Logo will go) and check for any unpainted areas. I am pleased with the outlining so far - but a bit uncertain about how to outline the petals.  I think the best thing will just be to go around the  whole blossom and not try to distinguish the petals even a tiny bit. I'll do thicker lines around the bottom of the flower and leave it at that.

I realize the lesson I was supposed to learn from banner painting was "do it and let it go". That is a good lesson for a person like me who keeps hoping for a "happy accident" to make her paintings really zing. The other lesson I learned was that I need to create an initial design that will actually work with the medium. Next year, if I do another banner, no shading! I'll go for the true Norval Morriseau stained glass window look. Maybe, in the meantime, I'll try working with acrylics on a regular canvas ...

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