Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dee-licious - done

Here is how my first banner, called "Dee-licious" turned out. I was really happy with it. The design and choice of colours really worked. Lots of people talked to me about the deer eating their tulips - so the story worked too.

The hardest part was shading the background from turquoise through blue to purple - but the space was broken up by tulips - so not too hard. The other hard part was doing the black lines around everything. Some of the banner makers seem not to want to put black outlining on their banners. In contrast, I knew black outlining would really add to the design. But it was hard to do it neatly. My hands were not completely steady and the banner material moved away when I pressed on it. I eventually realized that the lines would not be perfect and did the best I could.From a distance it looks great.

So with that great success behind me, I agreed to do a second banner to go with it on the same lamp post.

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