Friday, November 16, 2012

November 16, 2012 - Learning from Emily

Here are the two Emily Carr pictures I have been working on copying. 

I think the top one - "Shoreline" is finished. It is not exactly the same as Emily Carr's painting - partly because the board I used was no the right shape and partly because I wasn't trying to make an exact copy - just capture the flavour and try using her style. I think it turned out well. The logs on the right are a bit odd in the photos - I will have to see if they are OK in the real painting.
The second one - "Gravel Pit" is not finished although it looks quite good in the photo. If I do the same as I did with the Shoreline painting, my next step will be to use a small pointy "round" brush to fix the details - such as the trees on the distant side of the gravel pit. I am pretty confident it will turn out well too - as long as I don't go too far fixing it.

An interesting question is what to do with these two pictures. They are not forgeries of Carr - but they are definitely copies. I wonder if I could put them in a larger construction with some kind of visual commentary - sort of like the Ian Wallce's panels that we saw at the Vancouver Art Gallery last week. Perhaps I could call them "Ode to Jessica" and put her photo in somehow - given that she liked Emily Carr's paintings so much. Maybe I could actually paint a photo of Jessica - maybe two photos - Jessica young on the sailboat and Jessica old in her wheel chair. I could even paint some words that would tie everything together. Hmmm... 

I can see that to be worthwhile, paintings have to tell a story. I think this is what my paintings have lacked to date - they  tell a story as a group - but not individually. That's why my idea of sticking plastic bottles floating in a pristine sea is such a good one. Suddenly there is not only a story - but also a political statement. A theme even. Why not?

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