Friday, October 19, 2012

October 19, 2012 - theatre coming along

Here is my theatre painting after a couple of days of working on it. I think I finally have the shape of the theatre building done correctly. The part with the windows is the foyer and it is circlar. The interesting thing is that even though I am standing up high on the other side of the boat basin - the curve goes up in the middle - not down. When I finally figured that out, the picture improved. The colours are still not right but I do love the windows.

The thing I am thinking now is that if I want to be a painter I have to paint - pretty much every day - for at least and hour or two. In fact and hour or two is perfect because I get tired if I do any longer and end up mucking up the picture because I am not thinking clearly. I also think an hour or two is good because it is hard to get going if you think you have to paint for more than an hour. It is daunting to think how much you will need to do to a picture plus there is so much else to do around here. One or two hours is actually more efficient.

So - nice brushes, better overall design (no more subject in the dead centre - which I now notice is how I have painted quite a few of my pictures) and a couple of hours a day painting a day.  Also - a couple of hours of fun exercise and whatever else is on the agenda. Today we did a 10 k bike ride with Lexy. I am currently so healthy (hardly any phlegm) that it was easy!

Tomorrow we are going to North Van to help with Rob's renovations. I will take my sketch pad and computer and my Emily Carr book - to keep me doing something with my art. Looking and thinking is also needed.

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