Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15, 2012 - new plans

Here are the two pictures I have been working on recently - that I mentioned yesterday.

The first one is my Nanaimo Port Theatre painting. You may be able to see that I have put on some initial colour for the big windows (green) and the buildings (pink) and then I have redrawn them - to make them larger and, I hope, improve the overall design. I also enlarged the double-ended troller with the tallest trolling poles. But most important, I made the tree on the leftt and Coast Bastion Inn on the right actually go off the page. As mentioned yesterday, this is my attempt to improve the design by taking a slightly more interesting angle and putting the viewer further into the scene. (At least that is my current idea - based partly on a great 2 hour photography course I took during our trip to Winnipeg this summer.)

The second picture (above) is my first go at my arbutus on Wallace Island painting. So far the paint is completely diluted with turpentine - to lay out the initial design and colours of the picture. I have not yet tried to do anything with the fabulous twiggy arbutus branches - but my idea is that most of the pciture will be covered with them - dark lines on the light sky and whitish lines on the trees and water. I hope this is an interesting design - probably  a bit too predictable but hopefully the colours and brushwork will be good.

So brushes! I went to Michaels today and bought 10 new brushes. They are all Wintons and all made from hogs hair bristles - so - nice and firm and not worn down yet. Michaels is so expensive with all their silly sales gimmicks - but it is cheaper to buy them there than drive all the way to Victoria to go to Opus - which is a real art supplies store.

My next idea is to try to learn more about painting by imitating Emily Carr. This time I mean I'm actually planning on copying some of her paintings. I have four 24"x18" boards and have selected 8 paintings I want to copy. These paintings are not of totem poles or trees. They are more about beaches and/or skies. Everything is very swirly. Apparently Emily Carr was trying to portray motion in these paintings. Having created a very static painting of the Swy-a-lana Bridge - I hope I can change my style to more motion by copying Emily and using better brushes. My main concern is that her paintings are probably much bigger than my boards and some of her paintings are actually just sketches on brown paper. However, I think I will learn something. In a class, I once did a copy of a Picasso and it changed my approach - so why not copy Emily Carr. After all she is BC's most important painter - so learning to emulate her style seems reasonable. (I think I have had this thought before and even wrote it in this blog - but I don't seem have any paintings that are even remotely Emily Carrish.) My plan is to have at least 4 paintings on the go at once - including the theatre, arbutus and Emily Carrs and hope that something amazing and interesting happens.

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