Friday, October 5, 2012

October, 2012 - workiing again.

Now it is October! My career as an blogging artist seems to be flagging.

Well - we were away on the boat for 3 weeks and couldn't do any painting  Then - when we got home I had an annoying virus - along with an exacerbation of my bronchiectasis. (Bronchiectasis is damage in the lungs. Small bronchial tubes become enlarged and fill up with  phlegm. When there is an exacerbation you cough a lot and have problems breathing when you are walking up hills.)

However, I did do some painting during the past week. I had to do something to my Swy-a-lana in the Twilight picture. I knew it had no centre and the red flags on each side led  your eyes outwards in both directions. It wasn't nice to look at despite the lovely colours and shapes. I suddenly got the idea to put a nice little drop of red right in the middle between the flags - the lighthouse at Gallows Point which you pass as you enter Nanaimo Harbour. I had to widen the gap between Protection Island and Jack Point to fit the lighthouse in. This change really makes a difference to the composition. I also thinned out the little ornamental tree on the right. It looked like a mushroom and also distracted the eye. And I added a tiny bit of red to the lights across the bridge. the red is hardly noticeable - but I think it subconsciously leads the eye to the lighthouse.

Unfortunately you can hardly see the lighthouse in this reproduction - even though I have enlarged the size of the picture.

This week I also had a go at three old paintings which are hanging in the living room and have been bugging me - now that I have got a bit of distance from them. I think my main error in painting is that I don't actually show the stuff that attracts me to the subject. I don't use enough contrast between light and dark. Everything tends to be a bit in the middle. This may be because I use too much turpentine which eventually dries out to a greyer colour. Anyway, I did some work on all three of them and think they are better.

The path now fades into the distance - as it did originally.

 The trunk is more defined and thicker.

 The building on the right hand side has been removed and replaced by trees. Plus the stanchions holding the cable have been given a bit more shape and the whiteness reduced.

I also did some work on my painting of the Nanaimo Theatre and Boat Basin. So far it is all just washes of diluted oil paints. Eventually I hope to have the boats look nice and boaty, the sky look overcast - but not deadly grey, the theatre windows look beautifully turquoise, and pink cherry trees look a lovely  frothy pink against the theatre windows. I did not intend to make the buildings look so yellow - but I kind of like it. The overall composition is horizontal and vertical lines with a couple of diagnals. I hope I can keep the fresh look it has now - once I get onto the thicker paint stage.

Now I need to decide what else to paint. It is much better to have several paintings on the go at once. I took a lot of photos of arbutuses while we were cruising on the boat and would like to try 4 smaller arbutus paintings. Why not! It's my choice. Oh dear - I am now looking at my theatre painting and thinking the composition would have been better if I had cut off the tops of the trolling poles on the main fishboat. Perhaps trying to show the whole subject that is another of my errors. I don't think I will change this pciture  - but I will remember to do some chopping off on my new arbutus paintings. Maybe that will make them a bit more interesting.

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