Monday, March 5, 2012

Swy-a-lana Lagoon in Fall Painting

Here is my Swy-a-lana Lagoon Park - Fall painting after about 5 days of work. My goodness it is colourful! But that was my whole idea. I wanted a beautiful fall picture of the ornamental cherries growing along the edge of the lagoon.

I love the yellow, red, purple and pale blue and the touches of white. They are right out of my book on Tom Thompson. What a wonderful painter of fall in the Canadian Shield he was! I am also mad about some of his winter paintings. Great patterns and white on white.

I also love the way the lines in this painting intersect. The painting is really a starburst. Talking about stars, all the planets are currently visible in the night sky. Isn't that wonderful. Unfortunately it has been cloudy here - so we haven't actually seen them. but I think it is extremely cool.

To me painting seems to be about (1.) Finding a great subject to interpret - a scene in Nanaimo. (2.) Getting the colours to work together - the brighter the better in this interpretation. (3.) Creating an exciting overall design - this time a starburst.

I still need to refine my painting a bit - mainly a little sharpening the leaves lying on the pathway. I hope I can let it stay brilliantly coloured and not get the idea that I have to tone it down a bit. I was thinking I could put a bit of Mount Benson in the background - but we checked today and you can't see it from there. it would probably just ruin the design anyway.

I had a real boost to my confidence last week - when someone emailed about buying my Gulf Troller 2 painting. I like that picture. I gave the water such a sparkly look and the boat itself is graceful and accurate. I also like my interpretation of the Harmac plume in the background. It didn't get any recognition from the Winter Show Case judges. I wonder what they think makes a good painting.

I am so encouraged that I am now starting on 3 new large (40"x30") paintings. I spent a couple of days searching through my photos from the past couple of years. I'm always taking photos that I hope will inspire a painting. I've wanted to do a picture of the Swy-a-lana lagoon bridge with it s reflection in the lagoon for a long time and I finally found a photo taken in the evening. The reflection in the lagoon is actually from the lights on the bridge. The photo reminds me of one of Van Gogh's night paintings - but I won't put stars in my painting.

I also found a great photo of Harmac Mill with the chimney stacks, wood chips, and so on taken from our boat. And I also found a really complicated but great photo of the Port Theatre - taken from the floats in the springtime last year. There are lots of fishboats in the foreground and some small pink cherry trees between the boats and theatre. The theatre is a little barrel-shaped but it has such glorious greeny -b;l windows. They will look wonderful against the pink of the cherry trees. So now I have 3 new paintings in my mind and 2 are partially sketched out.

With all these new plans I think I will be able to save myself from over-working the fall lagoon picture!

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