Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Here is what I think is the final version of "Swy-a-lana Park - Fall" I finished it today and I think I managed to keep it very colourful - while still refining the sky, the leafless tree, the benches, the bushes by the beach and the cars parked on the hill without getting too tight. The fallen leaves are very loose and so is the lagoon wall, beach and water. I decided not to put in the bar which actually stretches across the curve of the light stands. I think it is more dramatic without them. My final touch was putting in my signature. I think it looks OK on the dark wall beside the lagoon. I didn't paint the edges of the painting because I really prefer the look of a frame - preferably white.

Here are two paintings I love that use a similar vibrant colour scheme:

This one is by Tom Thompson - famous for his west wind painting.

This one is by Brian Scott who lives near Courtenay. The first time I saw his paintings I was just blown away. They were hung in the Nordic Lodge at Mount Washington. Every time we went cross country skiing, I looked and looked at them. I don't paint the way Brian Scott does - but I love his paintings and his colours.

My next project is get my website caught up and then print a bunch of art cards.

I would like to show paintings at the Lighthouse Bistro which is now interested in marine and local subjects - that tourists might buy! I also want to put a painting in the next show at the Port Theatre. the changeover is April 11. I have one there now (Boats in Newcastle Channel) and saw it tonight when we went to see Ladysmith Black Mombazo perform. The painting is smaller than I had thought - but I think it looks good. I like being part of the Nanaimo art scene by having a painting hanging in our theatre!

Oh yes, here is the original photo which inspired "Swy-a-lana Park - Fall."

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