Saturday, January 21, 2012

Swi-a-lana Fall

Here is my Swi-a-lana Park in the Fall painting after 3 days of work.

I was sure I had taken a photo after the second day - but apparently not. The difference between the 2nd day and 3rd day is that I had a very strong dark line representing the dark trees in the distance running right across the painting, the fallen leaves under the trees were just a solid pink., there were no leaves on pathway, the benches weren't yet roughed in, the plant by the water was not started, the trunks of the trees were much darker, the leaves on the cherries were more lumpy and the lamp posts were not as defined.

I do believe I made some progress today - though it is still far from done. The leaves on the ornamental cherries are quite distinctive and they hang down along the branches. Painting leaves is not my forte. I have been looking at art books to get ideas of how other artists paint them - Emily Carr doesn't do many deciduous trees, Van Gogh uses a lot of swirly lines, Tom Thompson just does blobs and Georgia O'Keefe blends everything in a smooth lump. So - no answers from great artists yet.

I have been using quite large brushes - at least 1/2 inch wide - maybe 3/4. I have enough brushes of that size that I have been able to one brush for each main colour, pale blue, yellow, pink and orangey-red, blackish-blue-brown, and light green. All my colours are made from my usual few tubes of paint - plus burnt sienna and very gorgeous orange. However, most of my tubes of paint are new - and I found that my new cerulean is not at all like my old cerulean - much less greeny and not nearly as lovely a colour in my opinion. I think I will have to put in some detail with smaller brushes - but don't want to get too careful.

Yesterday I bought 3 big canvases (30x40) while we were in Victoria. So now I have enough paint and canvas to do 5 quite large paintings. This is both exciting and daunting. When I go to bed after painting I see hundreds of wonderful paintings flash before my eyes but they don't stay long enough to remember them. So I can't figure out how to actually paint them. I think the next one be a night scene - the ferry terminal lights or something like that.

Oh yes, I have not heard how the Winter Show Case went. I am assuming that I didn't make an impression on the judges with my troller paintings. I would like to understand what criteria are used to judge the paintings - since I think my boats were pretty cool. suppose I should look up the NAC website to see if there is anything there about it.

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