Sunday, January 22, 2012

Swi-a-lana - day 4

Another couple of hours of painting on a very wet and windy day. In fact, so windy that the ferries to the mainland have been cancelled all day! We went for a walk on the beach in the morning - the rain was flying sideways and the waves were thundering in and tearing up the beach.

What did I do to my painting? What I always do a this point I guess, I fixed the drawing. The problems were that the cherry trees on the left side of the picture were way to short and the middle lamp was in the the wrong spot. This ruined both the perspective and the pattern of converging lines in the picture. I sort of fixed both things and added a bit more substance to the building at the right side of the painting. I can see in the photo that the "clouds" in the sky are wrong and look like a pair of reading glasses reflecting the sun. I will eventually change this too. But not today - since the paint has turned quite sticky. It is neither wet nor dry - just sticky. Time to leave it for a couple of days and do some serious looking for impressionists who painted cherry trees in the fall.

After I had made the changes, Mike and I went up to Michael's to get me some new paint brushes. I had come to the conclusion that I can't just use large brushes in this painting and my one small flat brush is wearing away. I'm glad we have a Michael's in Nanaimo - as it is possible to buy painting stuff here even on Sunday. But I truly dislike their dated coupon process. They try to make you go to their store on days when you don't want to go. Presumably you will then buy something you don't actually want and they will make more money. Today they were supposedly having a 25% off sale - but it ended at 1 pm. Plus, the coupon I got for signing up on line expired 2 days ago - so it wasn't honoured either. On top of that, the 30x40 canvases at Michael's are $78 compared to $48 for identical ones I bought at Opus in Victoria - more than 60% more expensive. So - even if I had got a discount, canvases would still have cost more. I'm glad I only needed paint brushes. Also, they don't bother to keep up their stock and have no system for ordering something that you request. A pretty dismal store if you ask me.

So - am I grumpy? Yes. A bit.

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