Wednesday, January 18, 2012

G Dock and Bastion

Tonight I finished my first painting of 2012. Mind you, I started it in the middle of 2011 - but I finished it tonight - so it's a 2012 painting. I think it looks pretty good - not completely realistic but a recognizable picture of the Boat Basin and the Bastion.

I eliminated the cars, dinghy and people on the walkway and only show one rather odd boat on G Dock. The Coast Bastion Hotel is on the left and the Dorchester Hotel is on the right. The big flag pole with its white steps are a waterfront feature which takes pedestrians from the walkway by the docks up to street level where the Bastion is now located.

The design is really a series of horizontal, vertical and zigzag lines - so it is satisfying for those who like tidy shapes and a strong horizon. I think it is basically good composition. It wasn't too hard to paint - except for the leafless oak tree which is behind the parkade - one of the few curvey things among all the straight lines. Otherwise it was more or less fill in the spaces and put in lots of highlights and dark bits.

I think a painting of the Bastion in its modern day setting is pretty well mandatory for a series of paintings on Nanaimo. It was a Hudson Bay Fort in the 19th century and now is an important Nanaimo icon. It is also quite a neat object with a nice simple and distinctive shape.

Talking of icons, maybe I now need to find a scenic bar somewhere downtown and paint a "Nanaimo Bar" - since that is what people usually associate Nanaimo with. Actually I might do that tomorrow if we go singing downtown, Since it is quite snowy right now - I might even get a snow picture.

Now that I don't volunteer at the NAC Gallery any more, I have now where to display it. Maybe I'll take a really good photo of it and send it to the Tourism Nanaimo website - since they are asking for photos.

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