Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ammonite Falls History

I have worked on my painting of the path to Ammonite Falls through the VIU forestland for almost a year! It is quite possible that I either should have stopped sooner or am still not finished. I actually put it in 2 shows at the Nanaimo Arts Council Gallery. I think I thought that because it did not win a prize or mention of any sort it wasn't a good picture.

This was the original photo taken on a cold fall day in 2010
Here is the first quick sketch. I like it.

Here I have added some colours. Notice how nice a free it is. I like the little trees and the mauve haze - but it is not done.

Much further along - but no focal point.

The focal point seems to be the little trees. I like this because it still seems free and loose.

Aha -I decided to have a glow in the forest. The pink glow is a reverse image of the now larger little trees. It doesn't really work. The arbutus the right is bad.

The road is narrower, the glow is emphasized, and the grass along the edge of the road is more muted. Or maybe the photo just makes it look different. Nooo.

Away with the pink glow. Everything is mauve, white and green now. The arbutus is still bad and the picture is getting tight.

The road has been changed. There was another stage when I had all sorts of dead twigs sticking across the road from the arbutus.

The little trees and the twigs are gone. The road has a bit of a turn and seems to go over a hill.
Everything has been highlighted with white paint and there are more dark patches. Contrast is always a challenge for me. In the photo it almost looks like moonlight or snow. It is darker in reality. The arbutus is a lot better. I think I'm getting the hang of arbutus leaves.

I learned a lot from working on this painting. I'm really not going to work on it any more. Time to let it hang in the spare room

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