Saturday, June 25, 2011

Photos of Recent Paintings

Last evening I thought I would put up photos when I got home. However, I was a bit to tired and hungry after my stint at NAC. Here are pictures of all my recent paintings.

First, here is a photo of the revised painting I formerly called "VIU Forestland." I think I have done all I can to this painting and am calling it DONE. As mentioned yesterday, I think it is too busy. My usual style is much more simplified - but it has been a big learning experience working on it. I now have it sitting on the mantel piece in the living room and I find it quite mesmerizing. I am renaming it "Ammonite Falls Path - December."

Second, here is a picture of the final version of my maple in bud painting. I had thought I had taken the photo I was using as my inspiration in Linley Valley a couple of years ago. Every time we walked in Linley Valley I would search for that maple - but I could not find it. Then, in May, I found it when we were walking on Newcastle Island. I happened to be thinking of my maple in bud painting when I suddenly saw it in front of me on the trail near the lake. I was completely blown away!for such a long time I had thought of the tree as being in Linley Valley. I had even sent the photo to the City of Nanaimo in support of making the Crown Land in Linley Valley part of the Linley Valley Park. Anyway - it is on Newcastle. This painting is also very busy - probably because I was using smaller brushes than I usually do. It is also on the mantel piece and, in a strange way, I quite like it. Like it or not, it is DONE! I am calling it "Maple Tree in April."

Thank goodness those two forest paintings are now done. They were so hard to do! The fact I couldn't achieve my vision for them made me feel as if my first 5 paintings and my art show were just a fluke.

But they are DONE and I've now moved on to 3 new paintings.

Third, here is the initial painting of a fishboat with Protection Island behind it. I started it on June 12.

Fourth, here is the initial painting of a fishboat with Bowen Island in background, also started on June 12. I actually started it first.

Fifth, and here is the initial painting of the Nanaimo Boat Basin with Bastion. I started it today, June 25, 2011.

I hope I will be able to do a good job on these three paintings. I want them to be simple and structured with no busy detail and lots of light - but, at the same time, I want them to fairly accurately represent the subjects without being to cliched.

As I was waiting for Blogger to upload these images I was thinking how lucky I am to live on the West Coast of Canada. When people working in my time zone go to bed (as I need to do) there are very few other people up working - because - until you get to Japan, hardly anyone lives to the west. So - my idea is - I get much better internet service working here late at night than I would anywhere else on the continent!

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