Sunday, June 26, 2011

Bastion painting

Today I worked for about 4 hours on my painting of the Nanaimo Boat Basin - featuring the Bastion. I have pretty much covered the entire canvas with oily paint - it is no longer the wash I did yesterday.

I think the photos looks very good - actually better than the painting! The stairs up to the upper level are beginning to look realistic and I like the look of the Coast Bastion Hotel. I think I will simplify the area where the ramp meets the dock by eliminating the curly handrails that are hard to indicate correctly. I will also put some yellow green at bottom left side (on the floating palapa) to carry thate colour through the painting. I'l probably also deal with the bare piece of wall below the Bastion by covering it with oak branches - which are actually there in the photo. That will bring the reddish colour right across the painting - but I may make it a bit more orangish to contrast with the turquoise of light poles. Those turquoise poles - a real feature of the Nanaimo Waterfront. Then I need to work on the flags - which will be a main feature of this painting - a windy day in early spring!

I took it on my Samsung Android and emailed it to myself. It came as a read-only file - but - we now have new photo editing software by Serif. This is the first time I have used that software and it allowed me to save the read-only file as a regular jpeg. So here it is!

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