Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back at NAC

Here I am back at the Nanaimo Art Council Gallery (NAC). It is a little busier today since art works are coming in for the July Show Case. However, overall this part of the mall is pretty bleak. I particularly find the music that comes from somewhere to left down the hallway to be awful! It is a female voice singing the same boring songs every time - but I think I only hear the odd note.

The music was so depressing that I took a techno-risk and put a Mozart CD into the portable radio/cassette/CD player.It didn't take too long to figure out I had it in upsdie down. The music is so lovely compared to wailing in the hall - but possible a bit loud for Odette who is working in the back office. When she goes I will turn it up!

Well - I decided to put my 2 tree paintings in the NAC July Juried Show Case. I have very mixed feelings about them - they are both so busy! But what the heck - they are now in the show. I don't think they are any more appalling than Faye's paintings of the north some of which I actually really like. They are sitting on the floor with other entries waiting to be hung on Monday. Someone bringing in her own work for the show commented that they reminded her of Emily Carr and Van Gogh. I was astounded - because those are the two artists I have been studying lately. It appears that they have influenced my painting! Probably the combination is Emily Carr forests with a Van Gogh pallette. Very interesting!

One reason I put them in is that I think art needs to be seen. Art is a social medium and it can't just sit at home and still be social. However, I have some questions about jurying. There are clearly standards that can be set - but the great modern artists (including Carr and Van Gogh) did there best to break with the standards of their day. Neither of them made any money with their art - though both were somewhat recognized by the deaths. So - my conclusion - put it up and don't pay any attention to the jurying.

A seond reason for bringing them in is that art is now my main continuing interest. This came to me strongly yesterday when Mike and I went to Vancouver Public Library for a celebration of a new book on BC library history. I realized that I was still very passionate about public libraries - especially the author's point about libraries sharing resources. Public libraries will probably never be well-funded so they have to take the meager resources they have and share them. I don't see this as a problem - I see it as a lovely challenge. Very few of us have all the resources we would like to have - and that makes us more diligent, careful, and caring. I think supporting individual learning, offering escapism from the drudgery and shortness of life, and supporting democracy - through sharing - are the most admirable things about public libraries. However, I am no longer directly invovled in all this great library stuff - so I need something else to distract me from shortness and drudgery of life. There is a lot that does that - family, gardening, boating, travel learning about new things - and now there is also painting and it can be BIG!

Another reason is that I put up my problematic paintings is that am taking prednesone for my asthma and sinusitis and it is beginning to make me a little hyper and insensitive to risk. So, just before it was time to come in for my 2 shifts today, I saw my paintings on the mantel piece and decided to bring them in.

The odd thing is that most people who come in won't look at me. I guess they just want to look around or maybe they are afraid I will try to sell them something. That is a problem - especially when you think art should be social!

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