Monday, March 28, 2011

Maple in Linley Valley

Last week was Spring Break, my son-in-law and two oldest grandsons came for a visit. We all went snow-shoeing at Mount Washington. There is still a terrific amount of snow up there - 7 meters to be precise - and it was snowing most of the time we were there. In the evening we watched The Matrix - a pretty artful and awe-inspiring day!

On Thursday I took my VIU Forestland painting to Open Studio at Island Girl Art Studio and, with encouragement from Penny, I dropped it off later at the Nanaimo Arts Council Gallery for the Spring Show Case. I am happy with it after having not seen it for a while. Talking about VIU, the faculty strike is still going on - more than two weeks now.

Another great art moment last week was that we repainted my art room - pure white. Mike had painted the walls golden yellow when we set the room up about 12 years ago - for me to work on my PhD and I spent many, many hours working in their golden glow. But once it became an art room, I found I couldn't see the colours properly at night - so it was time for a change.

On the weekend my brother and sister-in-law and my sister and partner all came up from Victoria to see my art show. I was so happy - thrilled really - that they came all this way just to see my paintings. It has been wonderful to get so much support from my family and friends for my art show. While we were at the show I realized that most of my cards have been purchased, so I printed some more and will take them in tomorrow.

Yesterday and today I worked on my painting of a shimmering spring maple in Linley Valley and I am pretty happy with how it is turning out. It is a fairly challenging painting because it is all trees and everything is basically green. So far I am only using blue, payne's grey, yellow and white. I will probably add a tiny bit of red in the foreground to give it a bit of depth and sense of dead maple leaves lying about. Here it is:

The strange thing is that walls in the art room look mauve in the photo! A very pretty colour but very odd! They really are pure white! the other odd thing about the photo is that the trees outside the window almost look as if they are an extension of the painting. Hmmm.

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