Friday, January 21, 2011

Trying to paint the Harmac Mill

Yesterday I suddenly got a picture in my mind of a great painting of the Harmac Mill. The picture I saw in my mind's eye was practically all towering clouds of steam in shades of green and yellow. Sounds kind of gruesome - but I think it would be a great picture. Howe3ver, I couldn't find a photo in my collection that pictured the mill that way. The best I could find was a photo I took last fall from the Yacht Club floats. In it the mill is quite far away and it looks pretty small. However, the photo hasd other qualities - a lot of great sky with interesting clouds and lovely smooth gleaming water. I decided that I would try to use it as the basis for another new picture. Here is the cropped version of the photoc:

I'm only trying to paint the outlined part in the middle. This will be a challenge because I don't have much detail to follow.

Here is my first underpainting. I think it looks very cartoonish at this point - though that isn't a bad thing since the old masters used call their initial drawings cartoons. Here it is:

Part of the problem right now is that colours are wrong and columns of steam are outlined. They need to be painted properly against the sky and land. I don't feel as optimistic about this underpainting as I do about my moon painting - but I'll give it a shot. I am quite amazed how great the water looks right now.

I thought I would put a picture in today's blog of a Roy Vickers' print of the moon shining over Victoria's Inner Harbour. The photo is not very good - but in the real thing, the moon has an First Nations design inside it. I think it is the head of an eagle. I like Vickers' picture very much and I think it may have influenced my to try to do my own moon painting. Here it is:

I am quite happy that I have now figured out how to put my uploaded pictures in the right part of my blog. When I first upload them, they appear at the top. I simply cut a photo and then controlV it where I wantit to appear.

I now have three unfinished paintings. My plan is to start working on the moon painting tomorrow. The gap painting is still wet - so will still need to wait awhile. Tonight we are going to the Symphony - "Old Wine in New Bottles."

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