Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paintings on My Website

For the last few days I have been spending all my spare time working on which is the website I share with Mike. I decided that I wanted to display all my paintings on our website so I reorganized the whole thing by adding a new main tab called "Penny Grant Painting."

I also updated the boating section with photos of our summer cruises and and the travel section with photos of our wonderful six week fall tour of England. I think the revisions came out fairly well. But I must have made all the new photos files a bit too big as they do not load instantaneously. Mike says they are not too slow on his computer but I'm used to all pictures popping up immediately. I convert digital photos to an appropriate size for our website using Coffee Cup Pix Converter. I set the converter at small (640 pixels) when I should have set it smaller (maybe 400.) I guess I will have to do something about it.

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