Sunday, January 23, 2011

New approach to mill painting

I have taken a new approach to my mill painting. I didn't like the little cartoonish puffs of steam in my Day 1 version so I washed them off as much as I could with turpentine.

To get some new ideas, Mike and I went out on the boat and took some new photos. It was a grey and white day, but I could see from home that the plume was going way up into the sky. From the Yacht Club, Harmac Mill looked much more the way I had envisioned my picture. Going out into the harbour on the boat helped me realize that I'm not just painting the mill. I'm also painting the low Jack Point peninsula that extends out between the Nanaimo Harbour and the mill. Out in the harbour, you you can see the big red crane and some of the buildings at Duke Point that you can't see from the Yacht Club. Here is the new photo:

The colours are cool but the plume is terrific. At first I thought it would be interesting to emphasize how the the different puffs in the plume seem to extend into the clouds on the left of the photo. However the result looked very unbalanced. I eventually realized (thanks to Mike) that the dark clouds on the left left are actually just part of the the same clouds on the right. The plume is a different layer in front of the other clouds - sort of the inverted cone shape of a tornado.

I'm trying to keep a similar colour scheme to the one I started with because I love it and don't want a cool washed out picture. I hope this will work. Here is my mill painting on Day 2. Oops! The waterline is a little crooked!

Tomorrow I want to get back to my moon painting. Mike is a great help with my painting and very encouraging. I do hope I can make some good pictures that will show Nanaimo as the beautiful place that it is.

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