Sunday, January 9, 2011

Arbutus Painting

To finish about my arbutus painting: I worked on the painting many, many hours. I made so many changes to the structure of the tree and the look of the leaves that the paint must be 15 layers thick.

I replaced the unidentifiable Gulf Islands in the background with a a fairly realistic view of the Gabriola Galleries and Dodd Narrow. The tree is now located on Newcastle Island.

I also put a lot of yellow in the sky and water to make it look as if the sun is rising in the east - above the Galleries. Although I did not put in realistic shadows, I think the sunrise effect works. I had a lot of fun with grasses growing at the base of the tree.

So my first painting in about 30 years is now complete. I learned a lot about how oil paints work, how to mix colours, how to emphasize negative space and how to eliminate unnecessary detail. I am pretty happy with how it worked out. I finished my painting at the beginning of December and set to work on a pointing of boats.

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